Adam Kemp: “BJ helped me get off to a great start with my professional career. First, as a Rookie playing in The Baltic League and then in my second season, in NBA Summer League with The Detroit Pistons and later with BC Astana, where I played in the VTB League and Euro-cup competition. BJ has been instrumental in every career move I have made since finishing my college career and I am confident knowing my Agent is working for me every step!”

Isaiah Wilkerson: “I signed with BJ before I was even playing in The NBA Development League. He saw me cheering on my team-mates from the bench and he wanted to work together. Since that time, I made The NBA Development League Elite Camp and got my start in Europe, playing for BC Nokia Club, in the top league in Finland. BJ is a straight-shooter and he always has my long-term, best interests in mind.”

Veteran NBA Scout: “I would want BJ to be the Agent for my own Son. He is a great promoter and advocate for his players and he has a great eye for below the radar talent. The way he is leveraging Basketball City and the NBA Development League is very smart, especially now that the league is expanding to 30 teams, with a true one to one affiliation with the NBA parent teams.”

Eric Perugini, Director, Marketing, Kross-over: “We have a great relationship with BJ and RBA Sports. Providing our video break-down capabilities and BBIQ App at The RBA Showcase, is a great platform for us to introduce our technology to a targeted audience within the NBA & FIBA markets.”

Karron Clarke: “I would never leave these guys. They have always had my best interests in mind. They got me a ton of NBA looks and we always have fun working together too.”

Dane Johnson: “My former Agent put me in a bad league right out of college and I never heard from him again. Brian and BJ have put my career on the right track and they are always there for me. So are their FIBA Agent partners, who help me when I'm over-seas.”


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