RBA Sports, headquartered in New York, NY, has been able to achieve significant traction in the sports marketing arena, by tapping in to an expansive business network, located throughout the U.S. and abroad. The business is focused on three main channels:

*NBA & FIBA Player Representation:

RBA Sports has carved out a niche in the market-place, helping players reach the NBA, by leveraging the NBA Development League as a platform to promote players to the NBA and throughout FIBA, including top markets like China, Russia, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Israel, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Puerto Rico. RBA has developed a network of Agency partners within each FIBA market, to help promote and manage RBA players, while they are playing overseas.

RBA Sports promotes and believes strongly in a family-oriented approach to legal counseling and advisory services. This level of strategic counsel, business advisory and marketing services is maintained throughout the player's professional career.

RBA Sports BJ Bass and Tod Seidel are both certified NBA & FIBA Player Agents.

*Professional Training & Player Development:

The RBA Sports Training Program at Basketball City is based on a fully-integrated, highly-specialized and personally-targeted approach to player development. RBA provides players at all levels with access to the top on-court and Strength & Conditioning Trainers, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists and Sports Psychologists in the business.

RBA Sports also provides its players with an incredibly unique platform through the annual RBA Showcase at Basketball City, which has had Scouts from all 30 NBA teams in attendance, along with top FIBA Scouts & Executives.

RBA Showcase @ Basketball City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5So69eosUwc&feature=youtu.be

*Strategic Marketing Services:

RBA Sports provides fully-integrated Marketing services to Players and to Global 500 brands, including corporate sponsorships, marketing communications & event planning strategies for companies like Muscle Milk, Under-Armour & Kross-over. RBA Sports affiliation with Pier 36 / Basketball City in New York, provides unique and strategic access to a convergence-point, where Sports meets Entertainment in New York.

ESPN Super Bowl Party @ Pier 36: http://youtu.be/iGaMerajUPI
Deadmau5 New Year's Eve @ Pier 36: http://youtu.be/It4lYzsE_c8


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