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Each session is 90 minutes and will include customized drills geared towards a player’s position, in addition to speed, agility and stamina drills.

Training is available for players of all levels including Professionals (NBA, D-League, FIBA, etc.), College, High School/Junior High and Working Professionals. Multiple session packages and corporate discounts are available.

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RBA Sports Elite Basketball Training

The RBA Sports Elite Basketball Training program offers elite level training at a first-class facility. Designed for professional players, each training session gives players of any level a chance to improve their game, in addition to receiving an intense workout.

Basketball City NYC is the home of RBA Training. The brand new facility has seven full-courts, spacious locker rooms and on-site parking and will soon add a restaurant, retail store and VIP Lounge. It is located at Pier 36, which is adjacent to the East River and just north of the South Street Seaport.

RBA Sports is proud to have some of the best trainers in the industry as a part of the program, including:

Jay Hernandez
Jay is widely-regarded as one of the top on-court Basketball Trainers in the business. Jay has trained many future NBA players, as part of the NBA pre-Draft program he provides to some of the top college players. Jay is currently serving as Player Development Coach for The Orlando Magic, but RBA continues to work with the program Jay founded, Pro Hoops, Inc.

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Britton Kelley
Britton is one of the most innovative Strength & Conditioning Trainers in the business. Britton has trained many NBA & NFL players, specializing in a proprietary, injury-prevention methodology. Britton is an expert in identifying a Players areas of need and then designing a personalized regiment for each Player.

Britton's Strength & Conditioning Program @ Basketball City: here

Bobby Martin
Bobby is a former McDonald's High School All-American and Pitt-Panther. Bobby also played briefly in the NBA and for many years in The ACB League in Spain, widely regarded as one of the top leagues in Europe. Bobby specializes in on-court training of Power Forward / Centers and he has trained many future NBA Players leading up to the NBA Draft.

Cliff Morgan
Cliff is one of our on-court Trainers at Basketball City in NY. Cliff played professional basketball for 15 years in over 18 different countries, including France, Belgium and Argentina. Cliff won 4 Championships as a Player, as well as a Championship as a Head Coach in Mexico. Cliff was also a Player Development Coach for the New York Knicks.

Dr. Matt Holzer, DPT.:
Dr. Holtzer provides Physical Therapy services to RBA Players, treating and evaluating each Player on an as needed basis. RBA Players are examined to determine any weakness in the body, or any Range of Motion defects that could potentially hinder their full athletic potential. This ensures that all RBA Players are at the top of their game for any Showcase, or workouts. Dr. Holtzer specializes in Sports Rehabilitation, using functional exercises, manual therapy, Kinesio-taping and modalities to correct any issue an athlete may have as a result of their everyday workouts. Dr. Holtzer currently serves as Director of Physical Therapy at Union Spine and Rehabilitation Center, in Union, N.J., where he treats high school, college and Professional athletes.

Dr. Greg Chertok M.Ed., CC-AASP:
Dr. Chertok provides Sports Psychology services to RBA Players, evaluating and advising each Player on an as-needed basis. Most observers are surprised to learn that professional athletes have just as much difficulty as an average high school-level athlete, in terms of relaxing in response to performance anxiety, focusing on the "right" things, blocking out distractions, and overcoming on-court challenges. The higher in level an athlete goes, the greater the similarity in physical ability, and so the mental game - the ability to relax, focus, and self-motivate - is what separates the average Player from the exceptional one. Peer-reviewed literature echoes this, demonstrating that undergoing physical conditioning, in conjunction with a Psychological skills training program, is more beneficial to athletes. Dr. Chertok is also The Director of Sport Psychology at The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, in PA.


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